Connecting Sales and Marketing

It's no secret that sales and marketing aren't always on the same page; yet both teams have the same goal in mind - driving more interest that leads to increased revenue. So how do you bridge the gap? Our Crossing the Sales and Marketing Divide brings your team together to create a shared vision, story and action plan that will bring new levels of confidence, consistency and success to your sales and marketing efforts.

This module brings both teams together to create a compelling "story" that will resonate with your leads and prospects. Working in teams, salespeople and marketers will:

  • Build the most compelling messages via email
  • Develop a script that pulls in the key messages that can be used for follow up calls 
  • Create objection handling responses that will result in confident discussions

This session is ideal for sales professionals, marketers/marketing managers, and lead/business development representatives.

What They're Saying...

Sales Gauge took our marketing team on a communication journey to show how to build effective messaging for marketing campaigns. Our first webinar promoted with the Sales Gauge messaging process was wildly successful. We used their techniques and advice from the training session to drive record breaking attendance. Their refined messaging contributed directly to these figures and we are following up with a new product launch using the same methods.
— Tim Moynihan, VP of Marketing