Sales Gauge eLearning: Online Sales Training

With geographically dispersed sales teams and the need for ongoing sales training, the Sales Gauge eLearning Sales Training Platform offers a 24x7 solution that is always available to ensure a consistent and cost-effective sales training program for your entire team. We offer multiple levels of access to suit every need, from individuals looking to improve their sales techniques to large global enterprise organizations:

Sales Gauge offers the following sales eLearning programs:


Sales Gauge 0: Time Management

Sales Gauge 1: Power Prospecting

Sales Gauge 2: Social Selling

Sales Gauge 3: Story Selling and Objection Handling

sales gauge 5: Negotiating with high value trades (HVT)

sales gauge 6: Authoritative Closing

sales management & leadership training

Our guided sales eLearning modules include all of the effective and relevant content found in our live training. Quizzes are included so that sales professionals and companies can ensure comprehension.

Here's an overview of each Sales Gauge eLearning course:

SG1: Power Prospecting

SG0: Time Management

  • Introduction to Prospecting
  • What does bad look like
  • Crafting Powerful 1 to 1 Executive Emails
  • SEKM Prospecting Technique
  • Google Research Tips and Tricks
  • The Power of The Press Release
  • Templates for email examples
  • Introduction to Time Management Best Practices
  • Are you a Lion or Gazelle Time Manager
  • Finisher or Starter what is the difference
  • Navigating Your Day
  • 7 Keystones to Time Management
  • Control Your Email
  • How to make Outlook A Productivity Tool

SG3: Story Selling & Objection Handling

SG2: Social Selling

  • Introduction to Story Selling
  • 1 to Many Email for pipeline development
  • Using Emotional Words to Capture the Attention of prospects
  • Introduction to personality types to align with
  • Using existing marketing material to create stories
  • Telling a story that challenges your prospect
  • Call Scripts for 1 to many calling programs
  • Inbound vs Outbound Storytelling
  • Handling Objections

  • Builds on SG1 SEKM Prospecting Technique
  • The Wrong Way To Use LinkedIn
  • Your First Impression IS LinkedIn
  • Leveraging your network
  • Find The Power in 1st, 2nd,3rd Connections
  • Building LinkedIn Profiles
  • Email Templates For Leveraging Your Network
  • Introduction to Twitter For Prospecting
  • Twitter Messaging Template

SG6: Authoritative Closing

SG5: Negotiating with High Value Trades (HVT)

  • Understanding the importance of your prospect’s title
  • Using the scorecard to illuminate which deals are ready to close
  • How buying signals tell you that customers are ready to buy
  • Exploring the different types of closes
  • Qualifying for the critical business issue (CBI)
  • How to calculate ROI for your clients
  • Creating the high value trade (HVT) table
  • Scoring opportunities for faster closing
  • Increasing forecasting accuracy

Sales Management & Leadership Training

  • Leading
  • Coaching
  • Inspecting
  • Forecasting
  • Recruiting
  • Hiring
“Our Sales Gauge trainer’s knowledge of prospecting and enthusiasm for Sales was infectious at our training event. We worked with him to roll out Sales Gauge eLearning prior to live training for our team. Sales reps raved about the interactive online experience followed by the hands-on program delivered at kick-off. Sales Gauge took the learning lessons and gamified them in a unique, interactive Jeopardy-like session that drove teamwork and competition while the reps created SEKM prospecting emails they could send to clients. The Sales Gauge blended learning session drove costs down and skills up.”
— Rachel Purcell, Director of Sales Enablement at Winshuttle


Sales Pro

A highly cost-effective option for individual sales professionals, regardless of experience level.

Access to all eLearning courses for 6 months.


Sales Team

Perfect for small- to medium-sized companies. Team members can attend together or individually, as needed.

Access to all eLearning courses for 6 months.

$1,795 for 1-5 users
$2,895 for 6-9 users

Sales Enterprise

Need sales training for your enterprise sales organization? Let us customize an online sales training package for your team.

From a few field office teams to a globally dispersed sales org of thousands.

Contact us for custom pricing.


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