Introducing the new Sales Gauge website!

We've been a bit quiet over here at Sales Gauge recently. But that's because we've been hard at work behind the scenes to develop a new, greatly improved website as well as some awesome new products.

While we have a more formal announcement coming soon, we are thrilled to announce our Sales Gauge eLearning products - Sales Gauge in the Cloud! These online training modules bring all the amazing Sales Gauge strategies and techniques right to your desktop 24x7. With options for individual sales professionals, small and medium sales teams and enterprise-wide learning opportunities, every salesperson and organization can benefit from having access to the following training topics:

Sales Gauge 0: Time Management

Sales Gauge 1: Power Prospecting

Sales Gauge 2: Social Selling

Sales Gauge 3: Story Selling and Objection Handling

And this is just the start; we will soon have our other Sales Gauge training modules available, as well. Feel free to learn more about the training and get a glimpse of the sessions by visiting our eLearning page.