Sales leadership & management is the one area in an organization that has to be successful for good performance. It is the engine that drives the team, yet it often gets the least focus in training initiatives. 

Every aspect of this course has been built against the backdrop of a modern 21st century sales environment. The techniques are quick, effective and focus your effort for maximum sales ROI. The lessons on process and interventions are repeatable and easy to implement in a fast-paced environment. They fit into your world seamlessly and will create great sales management habits.

At the end of the training, sales managers will understand how to plan and work their teams in the six main areas their roles entail.

Leading, Coaching, Inspecting, Forecasting, Recruiting and Hiring


Leadership is about what is done in public.  During this training, sales managers will draw on personal experiences and reflect on what they think leadership should be and their own leadership styles.  Many often discover that their perceptions of leadership are very different from their actions.  We will also discuss what it means to be a leader and how different management styles inspire people in different ways, including examples from business and military, as well as how to commit to public displays of leadership, drive them effectively, and get sales reps engaged.


This section emphasizes data driven analysis on each member of the team to understand how to develop and motivate people in private (as distinct from the public 'leadership' persona).  We will discuss 'in the moment' interventions to establish measurable habits in our sales reps. Sales Managers will also be taught a 5-minute coaching technique that honors the spirit of great developmental coaching that can happen effectively in busy sales operations.


InspectiNG and Forecasting

One of the most important things a sales manager needs to know is where and how people invest their time to build and close business. Sales managers will learn to examine how and why their prospects are committing, where to spend their time most efficiently, and how to drive deals to closure.

During this training, we will also explore management accountability and how Sales Managers can inspect velocity and size of deals, key indicators to success. We will also discuss forecasting and deal strength with an org-chart exercise to prove the likelihood of closing.

Recruiting & Hiring

Sales Managers should have two pipelines.

  1. Business and Sales
  2. People

During this training, we teach Sales Managers effective ways to recruit sales reps, starting with how to create compelling messages to attract right people and then strategies for finding them quickly and efficiently. What messages will attract and retain the elusive ‘top calibre’ of sales recruits?

The hiring process is often where some of the biggest mistakes are made in getting the right candidates on board. We teach how to interview against the best traits and skills established in the coaching section of the training. Most importantly we teach the manager to run their team as ‘behavioral interviewers’ to test and clarify each candidate's experience and capability with reasoned and effective interviewing. This not only develops the team but ensures that bias and inaccuracy is eliminated from the hiring process.


Establish management attributes

Set a leadership initiative

Learn to coach for skills

Build coaching plan for each rep and learn to apply

Apply effective methodology for interviewing and hiring




Identify attributes of good and bad leaders from personal experiences

Establish public initiatives - own a leadership initiative once a quarter to add real value





Create attribute lists on which to base live action

Learn 5-minute coaching intervention

Examine differences between attributes you can't coach & skills you can - SMART goals

Build 6 month coaching plan





Build a customized "Deal or No Deal" process

Learn to use this process to keep deals moving & ensure increased velocity in the pipeline

Learn how to get your team to ID coach, sponsor, & champion

'Filet & Debone' accounts for forecasting & deal progression




Create the right recruiting messages to reach top talent

Use social media to find the right people

Build behavioral interviewing technique

Develop your team to become a professional hiring organization

I recently hired Sales Gauge to implement Sales Management and Sales Leadership training for all seven of my sales leaders. The content, interaction and action planning was outstanding and I saw immediate behavior changes following the program. We covered a variety of topics throughout the day including establishing leadership and management attributes, earning credibility, coaching skills in a modern sales environment, conducting accurate pipeline reviews and inspections and how to apply a truly effective methodology for interviewing, recruiting and retaining talent. This program was spot on. I would highly recommend Sales Gauge.
— Steve Dodman, VP CIO Executive Council