The Keys to Social Selling

There's no question that social media has changed the way in which people interact with each other and with the companies with whom they do business. Whether searching for a new TV, a marketing agency, or a multi-million dollar piece of capital equipment, consumers and businesses turn to social media to interact with businesses directly and to their network for advice and referrals.

What happens when you combine the power of social media with the sales process? When the right techniques are employed, your sales team can gain access to key contacts in their target accounts by taking advantage of their networks.

During our Social Selling class, your team will learn social sales prospecting tactics as we explore the "in's and out's" of social networks to find and connect with people based on their titles and industries. The LinkedIn session provides a hands-on way of creating a message based on an individuals 1st, 2nd or 3rd connections. 

Your team will learn how to get introductions from people they know to perfect strangers and, more importantly, how to use the new connections to transfer ownership, introducing your salesperson to the right people in their organizations. Combining this with Power Prospecting and social networks provides a framework for an endless supply of prospecting information that results in a rich seam of valuable targets. Four hours will be spent using the new social media techniques and putting them to use on the phones in a blitz-like atmosphere that creates momentum and immediate success.

We will look at how to build a modern LinkedIn profile and show you the tips, tricks and pitfalls in using this ubiquitous tool to build a great online presence and to maximize business development effectiveness.


  • Real world calling to your prospects and customers
  • LinkedIn tips and tricks
  • Building effective business profiles
  • Network building
  • Analysis of your personal network to attack the best prospects
  • Following companies on Twitter will be explored along with “Passive vs. Active” use


“Sales Gauge has been a valued partner for Dassault Systemes over a number of years bringing their knowledge of simulation and enterprise software sales to our channel reps. They customize training to meet our needs and helped developed an eLearning tool to scale learning and reduce onboarding costs, providing effective tactical prospecting for our global VAR channel. Their ability to deliver localized, cost effective content has been invaluable to us.”
— Simon Booker, VP of Global Channel Development, SolidWorks at Dassault Systemes