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The BDR Kickstart Program

The Situation:

In today's sales environment, there is a massive dependency on the business development (BDR) and sales development reps (SDR) to generate leads for their sales teams. These organizations are tasked with hiring inexperienced people and providing them with basic training in order to develop a lead. These reps are typically using tools like Hoopla to gamify the daily routine, and Outreach to structure campaigns and put a process in place to ensure the BDR/SDRs respond to leads from the content that is consumed by the prospect.  

The Challenge:

The BDR/SDR folks are eager to learn and execute the campaigns but rarely understand the driving reasons a customer downloaded the content as part of their educational process. But this content is the key to building credibility and linking the services and/or solutions your company provides to solve problems faced by similar clients. The lead generation content produced by your marketing team that costs time and money to attract the prospect should be leveraged internally by the BDR team to educate themselves prior to getting on the phones.

the solution:

Sales Gauge has developed a tactical process that uses both eLearning and Web/live sessions for your BDR/SDR teams. There are several components of the BDR Kickstart Program:

  • A 90-minute eLearning kickstart module that teaches your BDRs/SDRs how to utilize content from campaigns to build the right messages and to create a calling script that focuses on why the prospect should set time aside for a discovery call with your company.
  • Three 120-minute custom messaging workshops during which we customize these messages to your content and services in a team environment. These sessions are done live or via Web meeting.

the deliverables:

  • Repeatable process to build scripts from targeted content
  • Hands-on, tactical calling from lead list to active campaigns and call coaching
  • Powerful call engagement techniques
  • Voicemails that tell your story in 20 seconds
  • Objection handling using stories and content